Table of Contents

A Book of Hymns for Public and Private Devotion.


Index of First Lines.




Call to Prayer

Cheerful Worship

The House of God

Seeking God

The Sanctuary

The Sabbath of the Soul

Love Divine

Seeking God’s Presence

“It is Good to be Here.”

Acceptable Offerings

The Place of Prayer

The Lord is in His Holy Temple

The Temple


How Amiable are Thy Tabernacles


Hundredth Psalm

The Heart’s Worship

Worship in Spirit

The Light of Life

Every Good Gift from the Father

For Spiritual Influences

Coming Together in the Name of Jesus

Evening Worship

Evening Worship

“Teach Us To Pray.”

“After This Manner Pray Ye.”

“Thy Kingdom Come.”

“Give Us Our Daily Bread.”

A Prayer

A Prayer

For Divine Strength

Seeking Strength

Drawing Near to God

The Pillar and Cloud

Prayer for Wisdom

Living to the Glory of God

The Peace of God

The Heart’s Inspiration

For God’s Presence

Doing All to God

Prayer for Wisdom

Manliness and Freedom

Made Perfect in Love

Prayer for Strength

Thrice Holy

Songs of Praise

Thrice Holy

Te Deum

Praise Ye the Lord

Glad Homage

Glory to God

Lowly Praise

Praise to the God of Nature

Perpetual Praise


Closing Hymn

The Heavenly Guardian

Peace be with You

The Peace of God

Prayer for Guidance


Go in Peace

The Seed of the Word

Walking with God

Christian Farewell

For Guidance and Protection

God Ever Near


The Most High God

The All-Seeing God

God is Truth and Love

God is Love

Love Supreme in God

God Known Through Love

God’s Fatherly Care

Loving-Kindness of God

God Not Afar Off

The Earth Full of God

Every Place a Temple

God Everywhere Present

God in All

God’s Presence in Nature

Nature’s Worship

God in Nature

God in His Works and Word

The Great Temple

The Heavens Declare the Glory of God

Voice of God in the Soul

The Light from Within

Silent Worship

Quiet Worship


Habitual Devotion

The Heart’s Prayer

Pray Without Ceasing

All Must Pray

What is Prayer?

Prayer the Life of the Soul

Silent Prayer


“Prepare Ye the Way of the Lord!”

The Dayspring From on High

The Nativity

The Birth-Song of Christ

Hymn for Christmas


Mission of Christ

Christ’s Coming

The Star of Bethlehem

The Prince of Peace

Tempted As We Are

“The Works Which I Do Bear Witness of Me.”

Christ Stilling the Tempest

The Pool of Bethesda

Christ Walking on the Sea

“He Was There Alone.”

Jesus Teaching the People

The Mind Which Was in Christ Jesus

Christ’s Invitations

Spirit of Jesus

“Behold How He Loved Him.”

Divine Beauty of Christ’s Character

The Life of Jesus

He Had Not Where to Lay His Head

Through His Poverty Made Rich

Christ The Sufferer

Christ The Sufferer

“Thy Will, Not Mine, Be Done.”

“Let This Cup Pass From Me.”

The Agony in the Garden

Bearing the Cross

The Crucifixion

Stabat Mater

“It Is Finished.”

Easter Hymn

“Let There Be Light.”

“In Remembrance of Me.”

Watching with Jesus

Strength from the Cross

Looking unto Jesus

Made Perfect Through Suffering

Strength Through Christ’s Sufferings

Glorying in the Cross

Looking to Jesus

The Divine Example

Christ Who Strengtheneth Me

Following After Jesus

Christ Present in the Spirit

“I Pray Not for These Alone.”

Bearing with Us the Dying of Jesus

Bread of Heaven

The Presence of Jesus

Presence of Jesus

Christ the Way, the Truth and the Life

One in Christ



“Come unto Me.”

The Weary and Heavy-Laden

Come, Ye Disconsolate

Parting Hymn


The Heralds of the Cross

The Preachers of the Word

Thanks for all Saints

The Word of God

The Gospel


Thy Kingdom Come!

Thy Kingdom Come!

The Coming of Christ in Power

Let There Be Light

The Latter Day

Christ’s Kingdom

Triumph of the Gospel

Hymn of the Church Triumphant

Daughter of Zion

The Church Everlasting


Christian Equality

“That They May Be One.”

Human Brotherhood


He Rebuked the Wind and the Sea

The Hope of Man

Behold, He Cometh

The Liberty of the Sons of God


The Reformers

The Kingdom of Heaven

The Holy Spirit

The Spirit Saith “Come!”

The Prodigal

Turn, Child of Doubt

Come Home!

The Call

Acquaint Thee with God

Thou Must Be Born Again

A Penitential Hymn

The Broken Shield

The Penitent Son

Lord, Have Mercy

I Will Arise and Go unto My Father

The Strength of the Erring

Prayer for Increase of Faith

My God, Remember Me

Prayer for Help

In Doubt

Good Lord, Remember Me

Lord, to Whom Shall We Go?

Help Thou Our Unbelief

Christ Who Strengtheneth Me

Angels from Heaven Strengthening Him

In Temptation

Spiritual Blessings

The Soul’s Rest

Seeking God

Lead Thou Me On!

Devout Retirement and Meditation


Spiritual Needs


Spiritual Wants

The Soul Thirsting for God

Seeking Rest

There Remaineth a Rest for the People of God

Desire for Holiness


Forever with the Lord


Desire for Union with God

For a Childlike Spirit

Walking with God

Thirst for Living Waters

Desires for God’s Presence


Nearer to Thee

Living Waters




The New Birth

Song of the Redeemed

Born Again

God Our Shepherd

He Shall Give His Angels Charge over Thee

The Child of God

Faith in God’s Love

All Things Work for Good




God Our Refuge

Be of Good Courage

Rejoice in the Lord Alway

God Will Provide

The Mysteries of God’s Providence

“He Knoweth What Ye Have Need Of.”


Trust in the Lord

Thy Will Be Done

Thy Will Be Done!

Thy Will Be Done!

A Father’s Care

Consider the Lilies

The Son

“Father! Glorify Thy Name!”

God Leads Us Right

The Cross

Taking up the Cross


The Strength of Hope

Faith Triumphant Over Sorrow

The Bitter Cup

I Say unto You, Watch!




The Pure in Heart

“If He Giveth Quiet, Who Can Make Trouble?”

Judge Not

Kindly Judgment

Speak Gently

Kind Words

“Neither Do I Condemn Thee.”

Charitable Judgment

The Spirit Giveth Life

Prayer and Action

Faith and Works

The Golden Rule

Who Is My Neighbor?

The Law of Love

Words and Deeds.

Heaven on Earth

Blessed Are Ye That Sow Beside All Waters

Love On!

Not Faithless, But Believing

As Ye Sow, So Shall Ye Reap

The Purpose of Life.

All Work Divine

Divine Meaning in Humble Things

Seeing God in All

Forms Vain Without the Spirit

Life’s Work


The Minister of Love

The Christian Reformer

Psalm of Life

The Soldier of the Cross

Press On!

The Conflict of Life

Sleep Not As Do Others

Forgetting the Things Behind

The Whole Armor of the Lord

Onward and Upward

The Christian Warfare


Suffering and Action

The Pilgrim

Fellowship of His Sufferings

Trust in God

Refuge in God

The Use of Tears

Blessed Are They That Mourn

My God, I Thank Thee!

Weeping Seedtime; Joyful Harvest

Affliction, God’s Angel

In Affliction

At Evening There Shall Be Light

God’s Way is on the Deep

In Affliction


Dews and Tears

The Strength of the Lonely

Light in Darkness


The Meaning of Sorrow

The Mourner

For Strength

The Angels of Grief


The Cry of the Afflicted

Life in Death

O, Stay Thy Tears!

The Angel at the Tomb

Blessed Are the Dead

O Death, Where Is Thy Sting?

His End is Peace

He is Risen

No More!

The Dead

The Departed

Are They Not All Ministering Spirits?

Spiritual Presence

The Unseen World

Ministering Angels

Foretaste of Heaven

The Angels’ Call

A Vision of Heaven

A Hymn of Morning

Morning Hymn

Morning Hymn

Morning Hymn

Morning Hymn for a Child

Evening Aspiration

Evening Hymn

Sunset Hymn


The Light of Stars

Evening Hymn for a Child

The Eternal Sabbath

Sabbath Morning

Sabbath Evening


Baptism of a Child

Baptism of a Child

Baptism of Children

Marriage Hymn.

Marriage Hymn

Dedication of a Church

Dedication Hymns

Ordination Hymn



A Public Fast

Prayer of a Stricken People

The New Year

A New Year

The God of Spring


Hymn of Spring

The Hymn of Summer


Seed-Time and Harvest Shall Not Cease

Thanksgiving for the Fruits of the Earth

The Year Crowned with Goodness

The Hymn of the Seasons

The Changing Year

Close of the Year

The Worth of Years

Funeral Hymn

Not Lost, But Gone Before

The Christian’s Burial

Funeral Hymn

“Weep Not.”

Death in Manhood

The Resurrection and the Life

Death of the Young

Death of a Child

Funeral Hymn of a Child

Children in Heaven

For a Charitable Occasion

God Save the Poor!

Missionary Hymn

“How Beautiful upon the Mountains.”

Western Missions

For a Peace Meeting

In Time of War

Peace on Earth

Glory to God, Through Peace on Earth

The House Our Fathers Built to God


The Children of the Cross

The Reformers

Earth’s Nameless Martyrs

The Martyrs’ Ashes

The Noble Army of Martyrs

God With Us on the Deep

The Mariner’s Hymn

The Husbandman’s Hymn

Remembrance of Our Fathers

Prayer for Our Country

The Day of Freedom

American Slavery

Anti-Slavery Hymn.

Remember Them Who Are in Bonds


Watch for the Morning

Mercy and Not Sacrifice

Redeeming Power of Love

Teaching Little Children

The Holy Child

Suffer Little Children to Come unto Me

Remember Thy Creator in the Days of Thy Youth

Feed My Lambs!

A Child’s Prayer

The Christian Pilgrim

The Spiritual World

Hymn for Christmas

The Garden of Gethsemane

The Communion of Saints

Law and Love

Prayer and Labor

Strength From Struggle

The Heavenly Guide

Light For All

For a Summer Festival

Morning Hymn


Sabbath Evening

Seasons for Prayer

Glad Worship

Praise Ye the Lord

“The Lord Is in His Holy Temple.”


Thanksgiving Hymn

The Heavenly Shepherd

Calm Trust

The One God

“He Bowed the Heavens and Came Down.”

One in Christ

The Hymn of the Last Supper


The Elder Scripture


The Pilgrim Fathers

He Giveth His Beloved Sleep


The Hour of Prayer

Sincere Worship

Come, Holy Spirit!

The Day of Rest

The Sabbath

The Seed of the Word

The Gate of Heaven

O Father! Hear

Prayer of a Lowly Spirit

The Lord’s Prayer

Hallowed Be Thy Name

Give Us Each Day Our Daily Bread

Deliver Us From Evil

Thine is the Glory Forever

Praise Ye the Lord

O Give Thanks Unto the Lord!


Hallelujah, For the Lord Reigneth

Praise the Lord!

Closing Hymn

The Bread of Life

The Pilgrim’s Prayer

Close of Worship

Peace Be Unto This House

Brotherly Love

The Hour of Prayer

Hymn of a Household

Family Evening Worship

Family Hymn. Evening

The Spirit of God Moved Upon the Waters

Calls of the Spirit

In Spiritual Deadness

Seeking Rest

My Heaven in Thee

Watch and Pray, Lest Ye Enter into Temptation

For Help in Temptation


Desires for Holiness

For Heavenly Thoughts

Prayer for Faith

Prayer for Submission

For the Divine Presence

Struggling Upward

Longing for Rest in God

Why Art Thou Cast Down, My Soul?

Prayer for Faith

For Self-Renunciation

Dedication to God

The Patient Waiting upon God

God Our Deliverer

The Power of Trust

Through Cross to Light



Bearing the Reproach of Christ


Seeing the Invisible

Faith, Hope, and Love

Christian Love

The Sower

Press Onward to the Mark

The Whole Armor of God


Bearing the Cross

In the Day of Distress

God Tempers the Wind to the Shorn Lamb

The Bow in the Cloud

In Time of Tribulation

I Will Extol Thee, O Lord!

Morning Hymn

Morning Hymn

Vesper Hymn


Evening Hymn



Our Guard By Night

Hymn of Night


Communion Hymn

Communion Hymn

O Sacred Head!

Christ a Quickening Spirit

The New Commandment

Close of the Year

New Year

Thanksgiving Hymn



At Sea

Prayer for the Sailor

The Sailor’s Hymn

In a Storm

For a Charitable Occasion

He Went About Doing Good

Triumph of Temperance

Temperance Hymn

True Worship and Undefiled

The Angel in the Prison

In Time of War

Prayer for the Slave


Daughter of Zion

The Kingdom of Love


Peace Everywhere

The Kingdom of God

The Church Everlasting

The Day-Spring From on High

The Pilgrim’s Hymn

The Angel of the Lord

The Reformer’s Vow

Be Strong, Fear Not

He Maketh All Things New

The Morning

Lo! He Cometh

The Holy Way

The Prophet’s Vision

Thy Will Be Done on Earth as in Heaven

Brightening Unto the Perfect Day



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