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C. M.


Help Thou Our Unbelief.

Father, when o’er our trembling hearts

Doubt’s shadows gathering brood,

When faith in Thee almost departs,

And gloomiest fears intrude;

Forsake us not, O God of grace,

But send those fears relief;

Grant us again to see Thy face;

Lord, help our unbelief!

When sorrow comes, and joys are flown,

And fondest hopes lie dead,

And blessings, long esteemed our own,

Are now forever fled;

When the bright promise of our spring

Is but a withered leaf,

Lord, to Thy truths still let us cling;

Help Thou our unbelief!

And when the powers of nature fail

Upon the couch of pain,

Nor love nor friendship can avail

The spirit to detain;

Then, Father, be our closing eyes

Undimmed by tears of grief;

And, if a trembling doubt arise,

Help Thou our unbelief!

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