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S. M.

*H. Martineau.

The Coming of Christ in Power.

Lord Jesus, come! for here

Our path through wilds is laid;

We watch, as for the dayspring near,

Amid the breaking shade.

Lord Jesus, come! for hosts

Meet on the battle-plain;

Our holiest hopes seem vainest boasts,

And tears are shed like rain.

Lord Jesus, come! the slave

Still bears his heavy chains;

Their daily bread the hungry crave,

While teem the fruitful plains.

Hark! herald voices near

Lead on thy happier day;

Come, Lord, and our hosannas hear!

We wait to strew thy way.

Come, as in days of old,

With words of grace and power;

Gather us all within thy fold,

And let us stray no more!

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