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6s. M.


Behold, He Cometh.

Hark! through the waking earth,

Hark! through the echoing sky,

Herald of freedom’s birth,

There comes a glorious cry.

The triple chains that bind

Fall from the weary limb,

And from the down-crushed mind,

As soundeth that high hymn.

Unto man’s waiting heart

It saith,—“Arise, be strong!

Bear thou an earnest part

Against all forms of wrong.

“Wouldst live in earth as lives

The glorious One above?

He for thy model gives

Himself, and he is Love.

“Love in each brother man

The God who loveth him;

Revere the stamp of heaven,

However marred and dim.

“Bid fear give place to love;

Bid doubt and passion cease;

Be every word of hate

Forever hushed in peace.”

Sound, sound through all the earth!

Sound through the echoing sky!

Proclaim the world’s new birth;

Proclaim the Lord is nigh!

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