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L. M.


The Children of the Cross.

Thou Lord of Hosts, whose guiding hand

Hast brought us here, before Thy face,

Our spirits wait for Thy command,

Our silent hearts implore Thy peace!

Those spirits lay their noblest powers,

As offerings, on Thy holy shrine;

Thine was the strength that nourished ours;

The children of the cross are Thine.

While watching on our arms, at night,

We saw Thine angels round us move:

We heard Thy call, we felt Thy light,

And followed, trusting to Thy love.

And now, with hymn and prayer we stand,

To give our strength to Thee, great God!

We would redeem Thy holy land,

That land which sin so long has trod.

Send us where’er Thou wilt, O Lord,

Through rugged toil and wearying fight;

Thy conquering love shall be our sword,

And faith in Christ our truest might.

Send down Thy constant aid, we pray;

Be Thy pure angels with us still;

Thy truth, be that our firmest stay;

Our only rest, to do Thy will.

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