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L. M.


Bearing with Us the Dying of Jesus.

Not in this simple rite alone

May Calvary’s cross to us be shown;

But may we turn, in many an hour,

To feel its soul-constraining power.

When indolence would have its will,

And selfish ease would keep us still,

Then to the Saviour may we look,

And meet his eye’s serene rebuke.

When men have done us cruel wrong,

And angry thoughts are rising strong,

May we with softened hearts turn there,

And learn the Lord’s forgiving prayer.

When sin looks tempting in our eyes,

May Jesus on the cross arise,

And ask if we will him forsake,

And wear the chains he died to break.

When pain, or sickness, or distress,

Our fainting souls would overpress,

To him on Calvary looking still,

May we find strength to bear God’s will.

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