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C. M.

M. B. Lamar.

The Christian Reformer.

Nay, tell us not of dangers dire

That lie in duty’s path;

A warrior of the cross can feel

No fear of human wrath.

Where’er the Prince of Darkness holds

His earthly reign abhorred,

Sword of the spirit, thee we draw,

And battle for the Lord.

We go! we go, to break the chains

That bind the erring mind,

And give the freedom that we feel

To all of human kind.

But, O, we wear no burnished steel,

And seek no gory field;

Our weapon is the word of God,

His promise is our shield.

And still serene and fixed in faith,

We fear no earthly harm;

We know it is our Father’s work,

We rest upon His arm.

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