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C. M.


Speak Gently.

Speak gently,—it is better far

To rule by love than fear;

Speak gently,—let no harsh word mar

The good we may do here.

Speak gently to the young,—for they

Will have enough to bear;

Pass through this life as best they may,

’Tis full of anxious care.

Speak gently to the aged one,

Grieve not the careworn heart;

The sands of life are nearly run,

Let them in peace depart.

Speak gently to the erring ones;

They must have toiled in vain;

Perchance unkindness made them so;

O, win them back again!

Speak gently,—’tis a little thing,

Dropped in the heart’s deep well;

The good, the joy, that it may bring,

Eternity shall tell.

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