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8 & 7s. M.


Life’s Work.

All around us, fair with flowers,

Fields of beauty sleeping lie;

All around us clarion voices

Call to duty stern and high.

Thankfully we will rejoice in

All the beauty God has given;

But beware it does not win us

From the work ordained of Heaven.

Following every voice of mercy

With a trusting, loving heart;

Let us in life’s earnest labor

Still be sure to do our part.

Now, to-day, and not to-morrow,

Let us work with all our might,

Lest the wretched faint and perish

In the coming stormy night.

Now, to-day, and not to-morrow,—

Lest, before to-morrow’s sun,

We too, mournfully departing,

Shall have left our work undone.

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