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C. M.


The Hymn of the Seasons.

The heavenly spheres to Thee, O God,

Attune their evening hymn;

All-wise, all-holy, Thou art praised

In song of seraphim.

Unnumbered systems, suns, and worlds,

Unite to worship Thee,

While Thy majestic greatness fills

Space, time, eternity.

Nature, a temple worthy Thee,

Beams with Thy light and love;

Whose flowers so sweetly bloom below,

Whose stars rejoice above;

Whose altars are the mountain-cliffs

That rise along the shore;

Whose anthems, the sublime accord

Of storm and ocean-roar.

Her song of gratitude is sung

By Spring’s awakening hours;

Her Summer offers at Thy shrine

Its earliest, loveliest flowers;

Her Autumn brings its golden fruits,

In glorious luxury given;

While Winter’s silver heights reflect

Thy brightness back to heaven.

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