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C. M.


Ordination Hymn.

O God! Thy children, gathered here,

Thy blessing now we wait;

Thy servant, girded for his work,

Stands at the temple’s gate.

A holy purpose in his heart

Has deepened calm and still;

Now from his childhood’s Nazareth

He comes, to do Thy will.

O Father! keep his soul alive

To every hope of good;

And may his life of love proclaim

Man’s truest brotherhood!

O Father! keep his spirit quick

To every form of wrong;

And in the ear of sin and self

May his rebuke be strong!

And as he doth Christ’s footsteps press,

If e’er his faith grow dim,

Then, in the dreary wilderness,

Thine angels strengthen him!

And give him in Thy holy work

Patience to wait Thy time,

And, toiling still with man, to breathe

The soul’s serener clime.

O grant him many hearts to lead

Into Thy perfect rest;

Bless Thou him, Father, and his flock:

Bless! and they shall be blest!

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