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7 & 6s. M.



Meet and right it is to sing,

In every time and place,

Praises to our heavenly King,

The God of truth and grace.

Join we then in sweet accord,

All in one thanksgiving join;

Holy, holy, holy Lord,

Eternal praise be Thine!

Thee, the first-born sons of light,

In choral symphonies,

Praise alway, day without night,

In songs that never cease.

And with them our hearts aspire,

On the wings of faith and love,

Vying with the heavenly choir,

Who chant Thy praise above.

Still they sing, with glory crowned,

Thanksgiving to Thy name;

Lower if our voices sound,

Our hymn is still the same;

“Glory be to God on high!”

So the song of angels ran,

And our voices still reply,

“Good-will on earth to man!”

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