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10s. M.

Jones Very.

God Not Afar Off.

Father! Thy wonders do not singly stand,

Nor far removed where feet have seldom strayed;

Around us ever lies the enchanted land,

In marvels rich to Thine own sons displayed.

In finding Thee are all things round us found!

In losing Thee are all things lost beside!

Ears have we, but in vain sweet voices sound,

And to our eyes the vision is denied.

Open our eyes that we that world may see!

Open our ears that we Thy voice may hear!

And in the spirit-land may ever be,

And feel Thy presence with us always near;

No more to wander ’mid the things of time,

No more to suffer death or earthly change;

But-with the Christian’s joy and faith sublime,

Through all Thy vast, eternal scenes to range.

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