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L. M.

H. Moore.

Manliness and Freedom.

Supreme and universal Light!

Fountain of reason! Judge of right!

Parent of good! whose blessings flow

On all above, and all below:

Assist us, Lord, to act, to be,

What nature and Thy laws decree;

Worthy that intellectual flame,

Which from Thy breathing spirit came.

Our moral freedom to maintain,

Bid passion serve, and reason reign,

Self-poised and independent still

On this world’s varying good or ill.

No slave to profit, shame, or fear,

O, may our steadfast bosoms bear

The stamp of heaven,—an upright heart,

Above the mean disguise of art!

May our expanded souls disclaim

The narrow view, the selfish aim;

But with a Christian zeal embrace

Whate’er is friendly to our race.

O Father! grace and virtue grant;

No more we wish, no more we want:

To know, to serve Thee, and to love,

Is peace below,—is bliss above.

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