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S. M.


Forever with the Lord.

Forever with the Lord!

So, Father, let it be;

Life from the dead is in that word,

’Tis immortality.

Here in the body pent,

Absent from Thee I roam;

Yet nightly pitch my moving tent

A day’s march nearer home.

My Father’s house on high!

Home of my soul, how near

At times to faith’s foreseeing eye

Thy golden gates appear!

I hear at morn and even,

At noon and midnight hour,

The choral harmonies of heaven

Earth’s Babel-tongues o’erpower.

And then I feel, that He,

Remembered or forgot,

The Lord, is never far from me,

Though I perceive Him not.

Forever with the Lord!

Father, if ’tis Thy will,

The promise of that blessed word

Even here to me fulfil.

Be Thou at my right hand,

Then can I never fail;

Uphold Thou me, and I shall stand;

Help, and I must prevail.

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