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S. M.

C. Wesley.

Spiritual Wants.

My God, my strength, my hope,

On Thee I cast my care,

With humble confidence look up,

And know Thou hear’st my prayer.

Give me on Thee to wait,

Till I can all things do;

On Thee, almighty to create,

Almighty to renew.

I want a sober mind,

A self-renouncing will,

That tramples down and casts behind

The baits of pleasing ill;


A soul inured to pain,

To hardship, grief, and loss,

Bold to take up, firm to sustain,

The consecrated cross.

I want a godly fear,

A quick-discerning eye,

That looks to Thee when sin is near,

And bids the tempter fly;

A spirit still prepared,

And armed with jealous care,

Forever standing on its guard,

And watching unto prayer.

I want a true regard,

A single, steady aim,

Unmoved by threatening or reward,

To Thee and Thy great name;

This blessing above all,

Always to pray, I want:

Out of the deep on Thee to call,

And never, never faint.

I rest upon Thy word;

The promise is for me;

My succor and salvation, Lord,

Shall surely come from Thee;

But let me still abide,

Nor from my hope remove,

Till Thou my patient spirit guide

Into Thy perfect love.

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