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C. M.

H. Martineau.

Christian Equality.

All men are equal in their birth,

Heirs of the earth and skies;

All men are equal, when that earth

Fails from their dying eyes.

God greets the throngs who pay their vows

In courts their hands have made;

And hears the worshipper who bows

Beneath the plantain shade.

’Tis man alone who difference sees,

And speaks of high and low;

And worships those, and tramples these,

While the same path they go.

O, let man hasten to restore

To all their rights of love!

In power and wealth exult no more,

In wisdom lowly move.

Ye great! renounce your earth-born pride;

Ye low! your shame and fear;

Live, as ye worship, side by side;

Your brotherhood revere.

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