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L. M.


Be Strong, Fear Not.

Prisoners of hope! be strong, be bold;

Cast off your doubts, disdain to fear!

The day which prophets have foretold,

And saints have longed for, draweth near:

Our God shall in His kingdom come;

Prepare your hearts to make Him room!

O ye of fearful hearts, be strong!

Your downcast eyes and hands lift up;

Doubt not, nor cry “O God, how long?”

Hope to the end, in patience hope!

O never from your faith remove;

Ye cannot fail, for God is love!

Lord, we have faith; we wait the hour

Which to the earth Thy kingdom brings;

When Thou, in love, and joy, and power,

Shalt come and make us priests and kings:

When man shall be indeed Thy son,

And Thy pure will on earth be done.

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