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L. M.

*J. Wesley.

Thy Will Be Done on Earth as in Heaven.

Spirit of peace and love and power,

Fountain of life and light below,

Abroad Thy healing influence shower,

O’er all the nations let it flow.

Inspire our hearts with perfect love;

In all the work of faith fulfil;

So not heaven’s host shall swifter move,

Than we on earth, to do Thy will.

Father, ’tis Thine each day to yield

Thy children’s wants a fresh supply;

Thou clothest the lilies of the field,

And hearest the young ravens cry.

To Thee we pray; for all must live

By Thee, who knowest their every need—

Pray for the world, that Thou wilt give

All human hearts Thy living bread.

In faith we wait and long and pray,

To see that time, by prophets told,

When nations, new-born into day,

Shall be ingathered to Thy fold.

We cannot doubt Thy gracious will,

Thou mighty, merciful and just!

And Thou wilt speedily fulfil

The word in which Thy servants trust.

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