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7s. M.


Praise Ye the Lord.

Heralds of creation! cry,—

Praise the Lord, the Lord most high!

Heaven and earth! obey the call;

Praise the Lord, the Lord of all.

For He spake, and forth from night

Sprang the universe to light;

He commanded,—nature heard,

And stood fast upon His word.

Praise Him, all ye hosts above;

Spirits perfected in love!

Sun and moon! your voices raise;

Sing, ye stars! your Maker’s praise.

Earth! from all thy depths below,

Ocean’s hallelujahs flow;

Lightning, vapor, wind, and storm,

Hail and snow! His will perform.

Birds! on wings of rapture soar,

Warble at His temple’s door;

Joyful sounds from herds and flocks,

Echo back, ye caves and rocks!

High above all height His throne;

Excellent His name alone;

Him let all His works confess!

Him let all His children bless!

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