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8 & 7s. M.


For a Charitable Occasion.

Mighty One, whose name is holy,

Thou wilt save Thy work alive,

And the spirit of the lowly

Thou wilt visit and revive.

What Thy prophets thus have spoken,

Ages witness as they roll;

Bleeding hearts and spirits broken,

Touched by Thee, O God, are whole.

By Thy pitying spirit guided,

Jesus sought the sufferer’s door;

Comfort for the poor provided,

And the mourner’s sorrows bore;—

So Thy mercy’s angel, bending,

Heard a friendless prisoner’s call,

And through night’s cold vault descending,

Loosed from chains Thy servant Paul.

Father, as Thy love is endless,

Working by Thy servants thus,

The forsaken and the friendless

Deign to visit, e’en by us;

So shall each, with spirit fervent

Laboring with Thee here below,

Be declared Thy faithful servant,

Where there’s neither want nor woe.

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