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L. M.


Not Faithless, But Believing.

O, still trust on, if in the heart

A holy inspiration rest,—

Though painful be the chosen part,

With doubts, and fears, and cares opprest!

O, shrink not, brothers, though Christ’s call

Demand our youth, our strength, our all!

No offering is made in vain;

Some human soul shall feel our love;

E’en weary hours of toil and pain

Shall help to lift our souls above:

And may our recompense be given,

In leading many souls to heaven!

And still trust on! with trembling hand,

’Tis ours a little seed to sow;

It springs at the divine command,—

Shall, if God will, to ripeness grow;

Beauty and fragrance it shall bring,

And breathe an everlasting spring.

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