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L. M.

Miss Bremer.

Thirst for Living Waters.

I thirst!—O, grant the waters pure

Which they who drink shall thirst no more;

O give me of that living stream,

Which ever flows, with heavenly gleam,

Forth from the presence of our God,

Through fields by holy angels trod!

I thirst!—O bounteous Source of Truth,

Give coolness to my fevered youth;

Make the sick heart more strong and wise;

Take spectral visions from mine eyes;

O, let me quench my thirst in Thee,

And pure, and strong, and holy be!

I thirst!—O God, great Source of Love!

Infinite Life streams from above.

O, give one drop, and let me live!

The barren world has naught to give;

No solace have its streams for me;

I thirst alone for heaven and Thee.

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