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7s. M.


O Give Thanks Unto the Lord!

O, give thanks to Him who made

Morning light and evening shade;

Source and Giver of all good,

Nightly sleep and daily food:

Quickener of our wearied powers,

Guard of our unconscious hours!

O, give thanks to nature’s King,

Who made every breathing thing;

His our warm and sentient frame;

His the mind’s immortal flame;

O, how close the ties that bind

Spirits to the Eternal Mind!

O give thanks with heart and lip,

For we are His workmanship,

And all creatures are His care;

Not a bird that cleaves the air

Falls unnoticed;—but who can

Speak the Father’s love to man!

O give thanks for him who came,

In a mortal, suffering frame,

Temple of the Deity;—

Came to bear our souls on high;

In the path himself hath trod,

Leading back his saints to God.

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