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7s. M.



While the stars unnumbered roll

Round the ever-constant pole,

Far above these spangled skies

All my thoughts to God shall rise.

From on high He shall impart

Secret comfort to my heart;

He in these serenest hours

Guide my spiritual powers.

He His spirit doth diffuse,

Sweeter far than midnight dews;

Lifting all my thoughts above,

On the wings of faith and love.

What if death my sleep invade;—

Should I be of death afraid?

Whilst encircled by Thine arm,

Death may strike, but cannot harm.

Visions brighter than the morn

Greet the deathless spirit born;

See, the guardian angel nigh

Waits to waft my soul on high!

With Thy heavenly presence blest,

Death is life, and labor, rest;

Welcome sleep or death to me,

Still secure, for still with Thee!

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