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C. M.


The Noble Army of Martyrs.

Glory to God! whose witness-train,

Those heroes bold in faith,

Could smile on poverty and pain,

And triumph even in death.

O, may that faith our hearts sustain,

Wherein they fearless stood

When, in the power of cruel men,

They poured their willing blood.

God, whom we serve, our God, can save;

Can damp the scorching flame,

Can build an ark, or smooth the wave,

For such as love His name.

Yea, should it even to man appear,

At times, as though the Lord

Forsook His chosen servants here,

We yet will trust His word.

Lord! if Thine arm support us still

With its eternal strength,

We shall o’ercome the mightiest ill,

And conquerors prove, at length.

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