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11s. M.



Be near us, O Father! through night’s silent hour;

Impart to our slumbers Thy calmness divine;

Drop rest on our lids like the dew on the flower,

That even our still sleep may have something of Thine.

O watch o’er our couch; drive the tempter away;

From the sins that corrupt and betray keep us free;

That nor fancy shall wander, nor passion shall stray,

And we dream not a thought that’s displeasing to Thee.

And grant, when deep sleep o’er our senses shall close,

That the heart may still watch, all unclouded and clear;

Guard, guard still Thy children; and bless the repose

That, stainless of sin, is untouched by a fear.

Then still to Thee, Father, our praises we pay;

Still to Thee we will offer love’s infinite store;

Send down Thy pure spirit, even now while we pray;

Be with us, and keep us, and bless, evermore!

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