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M. Gaskell.

The All-Seeing God.

Mighty God! the first, the last!

What are ages, in Thy sight,

But as yesterday when past,

Or a watch within the night?

All that being ever knew,

Far, far back, ere time had birth,

Stands as clear within Thy view

As the present things of earth.

All that being e’er shall know

On, still on, through farthest years,

All eternity can show,

Bright before Thee now appears.

In Thine all-embracing sight,

Every change its purpose meets,

Every cloud floats into light,

Every woe its glory greets.

Whatsoe’er our lot may be,

Calmly in this thought we’ll rest,—

Could we see as Thou dost see,

We should choose it as the best.

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