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L. M.


Tempted As We Are.

As oft, with worn and weary feet,

We tread earth’s rugged pathway o’er,

The thought how comforting and sweet,—

Christ trod this very path before;

Our wants, our weaknesses, he knows,

From life’s first dawning to its close.

If we, beneath temptation’s stress,

Do fight against dark powers within,

So, in Judea’s wilderness,

Christ wrestled with the thoughts of sin,

When, in a weary, lonely hour,

The tempter came with all his power.

So, tried as I, this earth he trod,

Knew every human ill but sin,

And though the holiest Son of God,

As I am now so hath he been;

Jesus, my Saviour! look on me;

For help and strength I turn to thee!

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