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L. M.


The House of God.

Be still! be still! for all around,

On either hand, is holy ground:

Here in His house, the Lord to-day

Will listen, while His people pray.

Thou, tost upon the waves of care,

Ready to sink with deep despair,

Here ask relief, with heart sincere,

And thou shalt find that God is here.

Thou who hast laid within the grave

Those whom thou hadst no power to save,

Believe their spirits now are near,

For angels wait while God is here.

Thou who hast dear ones far away,

In foreign lands, ’mid ocean’s spray,

Pray for them now, and dry the tear,

And trust the God who listens here.

Thou who art mourning o’er thy sin,

Deploring guilt that reigns within,

The God of peace is ever near;

The troubled spirit meets Him here.

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