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7 & 6s. M.


In Time of Tribulation.

In time of tribulation,

Hear, Lord, our earnest cries;

With humble supplication

To Thee the spirit flies.

Remembered songs of gladness,

Through night’s lone silence brought,

Strike notes of deepest sadness,

And stir desponding thought.

Hath God cast off forever?

Can time His truth impair?

His tender mercy never

Shall we presume to share?

Hath He His loving-kindness

Shut up in bitter wrath?

No! it is human blindness,

That cannot see His path.

We’ll call to recollection

The years of Thy right hand,

And, strong in Thy protection,

Again through Faith we stand.

Thy way is in great waters,

Thy footsteps are not known;

But let earth’s sons and daughters

Confide in Thee alone!

Through the wild sea Thou leddest

Thy chosen flock of yore;

Still on the wave thou treadest,

And Thy redeemed pass o’er.

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