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7 & 6s. M.

*C. Wesley.


See the Lord, thy keeper, stand,

Omnipotently near;

Lo! He holds thee by the hand,

And banishes thy fear;

Shadows with His wings thy head;

Guards from all impending harms;

Round thee and beneath are spread

The everlasting arms.

God shall bless thy going out,

Shall bless thy coming in;

Kindly compass thee about,

And guard from every sin.

Lean upon thy Father’s breast;

He thy quiet spirit keeps;

Rest in Him, securely rest;

Thy Guardian never sleeps.

O, my soul, unceasing pray,

And in thy God confide!

He our faltering steps shall stay,

Nor suffer us to slide:

He is still our sure defence,

We his ceaseless care shall prove,

Kept by watchful Providence

And ever-waking love.

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