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7s. M.

Mrs. Follen.

Prayer for the Slave.

Lord! deliver; Thou canst save;

Save from evil, Mighty God!

Hear—oh! hear the kneeling slave;

Break—oh! break th’ oppressor’s rod.

May the captive’s pleading fill

All the earth, and all the sky;

Every other voice be still,

While he pleads with God on high.

He, whose ear is everywhere,

Who doth silent sorrow see,

Will regard the captive’s prayer,

Will from bondage set him free.

From the tyranny within,

Save Thy children, Lord! we pray;

Chains of iron, chains of sin,

Cast, forever cast away.

Love to man, and love to God,

Are the weapons of our war;

These can break th’ oppressor’s rod—

Burst the bonds that we abhor.

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