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7s. M.

Beard’s Coll.

Prayer for Guidance.

Guide us, Lord! while, hand in hand,

Journeying toward the better land;

Foes we know are to be met,

Snares the pilgrim’s path beset;

Clouds upon the valley rest,

Rough and dark the mountain’s breast;

And our home may not be gained,

Save through trials well sustained.

Guide us, while we onward move,

Linked in closest bonds of love,

Striving for the holy mind,

And the soul from sense refined;

That when life no longer burns,

And the dust to dust returns,

With the strength which Thou hast given

We may rise to Thee and heaven.

God of mercy! on Thee, all

Humbly for Thy guidance call;

Save us from the evil tongue,

From the heart that thinketh wrong,

From the sins, whate’er they be,

That divide the soul from Thee.

God of grace! on Thee we rest;

Bless us, and we shall be blest.

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