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C. M.


“That They May Be One.”

Was it in vain that Jesus prayed

For those he came to save,

When darkly o’er his path was laid

The shadow of the grave?

Hath Jesus loved and prayed in vain?

O doubting heart, be still!

Yet holds the Lord his glorious reign,

Despite of wrong and ill.

Though nations with their battle-cries

Profane the Almighty’s name,

Though bigots to the offended skies

Their own wild wrath proclaim,—

Thousands, in every Christian land,

Have never bowed the knee

In worship to the idol-band

Of strife and perfidy.

And these are one;—though some may bend

Before the Virgin’s shrine,

While others’ prayers and thanks ascend,

Father! alone at Thine,—

Yet they are one; if through their hearts

The soul of love be poured,

As swells some strain of various parts,

Yet all in sweet accord.

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