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L. M.


Loving-Kindness of God.

Father, to Thy kind love we owe

All that is fair and good below;

Bestower of the health that lies

On tearless cheeks and cheerful eyes!

Giver of sunshine and of rain!

Ripener of fruits on hill and plain!

Fountain of light, that rayed afar,

Fills the vast urns of sun and star!

Who send’st Thy storms and frosts to bind

The plagues that rise to waste mankind;

Then breathest, o’er the naked scene,

Spring gales, and life, and tender green.

Yet deem we not that thus alone,

Thy mercy and Thy love are shown;

For we have learned, with higher praise,

And holier names, to speak Thy ways.

In woe’s dark hour, our kindest stay!

Sole trust when life shall pass away!

Teacher of hopes that light the gloom

Of death, and consecrate the tomb!

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