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10s. M.


Triumph of the Gospel.

Pour, blessed gospel, glorious news for man!

Thy stream of life o’er springless deserts roll:

Thy bond of peace the mighty earth can span,

And make one brotherhood from pole to pole.

On, piercing gospel, on! of every heart,

In every latitude, thou own’st the key:

From their dull slumbers savage souls shall start,

With all their treasures first unlocked by thee!

Tread, kingly gospel, through the nations tread!

With all the noblest virtues in thy train:

Be all to thy blest freedom captive led;

And Christ, the true emancipator, reign!

Spread, giant gospel, spread thy growing wings!

Gather thy scattered ones from every land:

Call home the wanderers to the King of kings:

Proclaim them all thine own;—’tis His


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