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10 & 6s. M.


In Time of War.

Lord, once our faith in man no fear could move;

Now save it from despair!

The trial comes; strengthen the might of love:

Father, Thou hearest prayer!

Thou hearest; and we hear, above this din,

Thy blessed word sound clear:

“I purge this land from slavery and sin;

The reign of heaven draws near.”

O, never falter, ye who strive to bring

In men the heavenly birth;

For still the angel hosts unfaltering sing,

“Peace to the weary earth!”

O, never falter! peace must come by pain;

Heaven is not found, but won;

Hold the dark angel till he moulds again

The peace he hath undone.

We know not, Lord, what storms and trials strong

Must work our world’s new birth;

But we will toil, with this for working-song,—

“Peace to the weary earth!”

Peace to the weary, struggling, sin-sick earth!

Peace to the heart of man!

Storm shall bring calm; that high reward is worth

All we must bear, or can.

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