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P. M.

Mrs. Southey.

The Mariner’s Hymn.

Launch thy bark, mariner!

Christian, God speed thee!

Let loose the rudder bands,

Good angels lead thee!

Set thy sails warily,

Tempests will come;

Steer thy course steadily,

Christian, steer home!

Look to the weather bow,

Breakers are round thee;

Let fall thy plummet now,

Shallows may ground thee.

Reef in thy foresail there;

Hold the helm fast;

So,—let the vessel wear,—

By swept the blast.

Slacken no sail yet, at

Inlet or island;

Straight for the beacon steer,—

Straight for the highland;

Crowd all the canvass on,

Cut through the foam;—

Christian! cast anchor now;

Heaven is thy home!

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