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L. M.

Mrs. Sigourney.

The Year Crowned with Goodness.

God of the year! with songs of praise,

And hearts of love, we come to bless

Thy bounteous hand, for Thou hast shed

Thy manna o’er our wilderness.

In early spring-time Thou didst fling

O’er earth its robe of blossoming;

And its sweet treasures, day by day,

Rose quickening in Thy blessed ray.

God of the seasons! Thou hast blest

The land with sunlight and with showers;

And plenty o’er its bosom smiles,

To crown the sweet autumnal hours.

Praise, praise to Thee! Our hearts expand,

To view these blessings of Thy hand,

And on the incense-breath of love

Ascend to their bright home above.

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