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7 & 6s. M.


Longing for Rest in God.

O almighty God of love!

Thy holy arm display;

Send us succor from above,

Against the evil day;

Arm our weakness with Thy power;

Put Thy strength our hearts within;

Be our stronghold and our tower

Against the assaults of sin.

Could we of Thy strength take hold,

And always feel Thee near,

Confident, divinely bold,

Our souls would know no fear.

Nothing could their firmness shock;

Though the gates of hell assail,

Were we built upon the rock

They never could prevail.

Thou would’st, in the trying hour,

A sure protection be,

Guard us from temptation’s power,

And fix our souls on Thee.

Lord, on Thee our trust is placed;

Never thence may we remove;

In the arms of love embraced,

Thine everlasting love.

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