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6 & 4s. M.

E. Davis.

For a Peace Meeting.

Not with the flashing steel,

Not with the cannon’s peal,

Or stir of drum;

But in the bonds of love,

Our white flag floats above;

Her emblem is the dove;—

’Tis thus we come.

The laws of Christian light,—

These are our weapons bright,

Our mighty shield;

Christ is our leader high;

And the broad plains which lie

Beneath the blessed sky,

Our battle-field.

What is that great intent

On which each heart is bent,

Our hosts among?

It is that hate may die,

That war’s red curse may fly,

And war’s high praise for aye

No more be sung.

On, then, in God’s great name!

Let each pure spirit’s flame

Burn bright and clear;

Stand firmly in your lot,

Cry ye aloud, doubt not,

Be every fear forgot;

Christ leads us here!

So shall earth’s distant lands,

In happy, holy bands,

One brotherhood,

Together rise and sing,

Gifts to one altar bring,

And heaven’s Eternal King

Pronounce it good.

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