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8 & 7s. M.


Dedication to God.

Holy Father, Thou hast taught me

I should live to Thee alone;

Year by year, Thy hand hath brought me

On through dangers oft unknown.

When I wandered, Thou hast found me;

When I doubted, sent me light;

Still Thine arm has been around me,

All my paths were in Thy sight.

In the world will foes assail me,

Craftier, stronger far than I;

And the strife may never fail me,

Well I know, before I die.

Therefore, Lord, I come, believing

Thou canst give the power I need;

Through the prayer of faith receiving

Strength,—the spirit’s strength indeed.

I would trust in Thy protecting,

Wholly rest upon Thine arm,

Follow wholly Thy directing,

Thou mine only guard from harm!

Keep me from mine own undoing,

Help me turn to Thee when tried,

Still my footsteps, Father, viewing,

Keep me ever at Thy side!

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