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P. M.

H. Ware.

Call to Prayer.

To prayer, to prayer!—for the morning breaks,

And earth in her Maker’s smile awakes;

His light is on all below and above,

The light of gladness, and life, and love:

O, then, on the breath of this early air,

Send upward the incense of grateful prayer.

To prayer!—for the day that God has blest

Comes tranquilly on with its solemn rest;

It speaks of creation’s early bloom,—

It speaks of the Prince who burst the tomb:

Then summon the spirit’s exalted powers,

And devote to heaven the hallowed hours.

Awake, awake, and gird up thy strength,

To join Christ’s holy band at length;

To Him who unceasing love displays,

Whom the powers of nature unceasingly praise;

To Him thy heart and thy hours be given,

For a life of prayer is the life of heaven.

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