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L. M.


Love Supreme in God.

O Source divine, and Life of all,

The Fount of being’s wondrous sea!

Thy depth would every heart appall,

That saw not Love supreme in Thee.

We shrink before Thy vast abyss,

Where worlds on worlds eternal brood;

We know Thee truly but in this,

That Thou bestowest all our good.

And so, ’mid boundless time and space,

O, grant us still in Thee to dwell,

And through the ceaseless web to trace

Thy presence working all things well!

Nor let Thou life’s delightful play

Thy truth’s transcendent vision hide;

Nor strength and gladness lead astray

From Thee, our nature’s only guide.

Bestow on every joyous thrill

Thy deeper tone of reverent awe;

Make pure Thy children’s erring will,

And teach their hearts to love Thy law!

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