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S. M.


God With Us on the Deep.

Heave, mighty ocean, heave!

And blow, thou boisterous wind!

Onward we swiftly glide, and leave

Our home and friends behind.

Away, away we steer,

Upon the ocean’s breast;

And dim the distant heights appear,

Like clouds along the west.

There is a loneliness

Upon the mighty deep;

And hurried thoughts upon us press,

As onward still we sweep.

But there is hope and joy,

Wherever we may be;

Danger nor death can e’er destroy

Our trust, O God, in Thee!

Then wherefore should we grieve

Or what have we to fear?

Though home and friends and life we leave,

Our God is ever near.

Sweep, mighty ocean, sweep!

Ye winds, blow foul or fair!

Our God is with us on the deep,

Our home is everywhere.

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