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P. M.

Mrs. Hemans.

The Cry of the Afflicted.

Lowly and solemn be

Thy children’s cry to Thee,

Father divine!

A hymn of suppliant breath,

Owning that life and death

Alike are Thine.

O Father, in that hour

When earth all helping power

Shall disavow;

When spear, and shield, and crown,

In faintness are cast down,

Sustain us Thou!

By him who bowed to take

The death-cup for our sake,

The thorn, the rod;

From whom the last dismay

Was not to pass away,

Aid us, O God!

And now beside the grave,

We call on Thee to save,

Father divine!

Hear, hear our suppliant breath;

Keep us, in life and death,

Thine, only Thine!

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