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C. M.


The Penitent Son.

O, richly, Father, have I been

Blest evermore by Thee!

And morning, noon, and night Thou hast

Preserved me tenderly.

And yet the love which Thou shouldst claim

To idols I have given;

Too oft have bound to earth the hopes

That know no home but heaven.

Unworthy to be called Thy son,

I come with shame to Thee,

Father!—O, more than Father, Thou

Hast always been to me!

Help me to break the heavy chains

The world has round me thrown,

And know the glorious liberty

Of an obedient son.

That I may henceforth heed whate’er

Thy voice within me saith,

Fix deeply in my heart of hearts

A principle of faith,—

Faith that, like armor to my soul,

Shall keep all evil out,

More mighty than an angel host,

Encamping round about.

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