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7s. M.


The Preachers of the Word.

Thanks to God for those who came

In the Saviour’s glorious name;

Who upon the green earth trod

But to teach the truth of God.

For the great Apostles, first,

Who from life’s endearments burst,

Going from the Cross, and then

Leading to the Cross again:

For the next, who meekly poured

Willing blood to serve the Lord;

Fearless bore the racks of pain,

Felon’s death, or captive’s chain;

And for all, from shore to shore,

Who the blessed tidings bore;

All who wrought for liberty

When ’twas treason to be free.

Ye, who now, in better days,

Live to spread your Maker’s praise,

Shedding, each man’s home around,

Light that consecrates the ground;

Teachers of the word of light,

Go forth in your Master’s might!

Speed your embassy where’er

Life has grief, or death has fear!

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