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L. M.


The Life of Jesus.

He lived as none but he has lived,

That wisest Teacher from above;

He died as none but he has died,—

His every act an act of love.

His fervent piety was breathed

To the lone waste, the desert hill;

And in the haunts of men he sought

To do his Heavenly Father’s will.

He preached the gospel to the poor,

Beside the couch of anguish stood,

Consoled the sufferer, healed the sick,

And went about still doing good.

With sinners he conversed, and gave

Peace to the weary, troubled mind;

Yet free from stain till life’s last hour,

In him his foes no fault could find.

Born ’midst the humblest sons of earth,

All earth’s temptations he withstood;

And yet all human praise renounced,

Declaring God alone is good.

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